True Commercial Refrigerators

When it comes to a buying decisions especially those involving major appliances that you are going to be using for years to come like a commercial refrigerator – you want the truth about what you are getting yourself into. Well that’s what you can expect from an industry leader like True. They have been in the business of commercial refrigeration for more than sixty years and they made this long by giving the consumer exactly what they needed. True is known for exceeding consumer expectations through their outstanding customer service, unbeatable performance, style and design, high quality materials at good prices, and availability.

The most common of restaurant fridges are called reach in fridges and True makes some of the best on the market. True has three types of this kind of fridge that are called – T, TS, and TM series units. T – stands for True this series cover all of the standard fridge units. TS – stands for True stainless steel series unit that they have available to make your kitchen look astonishing. TM – stands for top mounted this series cover all their top mounted fridges.

Lets take a look at one of True’s common models the T12. The T12 is a solid door reach in fridge that is made to have lasting quality to help protect your investment. This fridge is made with the best of the best in materials to give its owner the coldest temperatures, a lower electric expense, and most importantly the best food protect and safety you can get with value in todays food industry.

If you need this type of high quality performance but with a glass door than you need the T12-G. The T12-G will give you all the great features you can expect from the True company but with the ability to see what is inside the fridge with out opening it. These fridges make great beverage coolers.