Commercial Reach In Refrigerators

In many cases there is nothing more important to a restaurant’s ability to function than a commercial reach in refrigerator. There are various kinds of this fridge, each having a special purpose in any kitchen depending on what being prepared in that kitchen from pizzas, sandwiches, to steak and fish, or even some made specially for chefs.

The basic commercial reach in refrigerator can come in three door, two door, and one door models for refrigerating or even freezing. Some features that you can expect to come with this type of fridge are top mounted refrigeration with inside or outside fridge digital temperature monitoring and advanced air flow management ability.

Choosing a new commercial reach in refrigerator can be a huge choice to make. It will be expensive by anyone standard so you will want to make sure you get the one that’s right for you. Lets go over the key points you will want to take into consideration before you buy one – What type of refrigeration system will you need to use? The two main kinds are – bottom mounted and top mounted. After that the other key points are – cap tube vs. expansion valve, size, casters, and doors are also very important.

Top Mounted Commercial Reach In Refrigerators

Lets take a look at top mounted and bottom mounted first – which one is right for you. The top mounted commercial reach in refrigerators have a compressor on top on the flip side the bottom mounted fridges have it installed in the bottom of the fridge. The top mounted types is considered industry standard and are energy efficient on account of the release of hot air rises from the compressor doesn’t effect the refrigeration and work area. In addition you have elevated air distribution around the compressor extending it’s life. The main disadvantages to this type of fridge is there is no storage space on top of the fridge and if you have low ceiling this type of fridge can be unsafe.

Bottom Mounted Commercial Reach In Refrigerators

The bottom mounted commercial reach in refrigerators are considered economy fridges. These fridges do run cooler and use less energy but are not as energy efficient as they could be on the account of the hot air rises from the compressor into refrigeration and work area making them warmer causes the compressor to work harder and not last as long. But with this type of fridge you have some storage space on top of the fridge.

Expansion Valve Vs. Cap Tube Refrigeration

Now that you are familiar with the top mounted and bottom mounted fridges. Let look at expansion valve vs. cap-tube refrigeration. These two things have to do with how your fridge controls how much cooling power you need for your fridge. If you are going to be opening and closing your fridge often then you should have a expansion valve type refrigeration. If not then you should use cap tube refrigeration which is used for fridges that are mostly needed for storage and not open repetitively. Cap tube refrigeration is less costly.

Next lets look at the size of your commercial reach in refrigerator. If you haven’t seen one of these in real life – they are huge. You might want to measure the installation area, hallways, and doors of where you are going to put your new fridge.

Commercial Reach In Refrigerator Castors

Commercial reach in refrigerator casters give you the ability to move your fridge around. Though this may not be on your mind when your buying your new fridge they are very important. Make sure you have these now better than later. Casters make it easier for cleanliness and sanitation – castors are recommended by the health department. Most fridge already come with them or you can have them added as an extra option when purchasing.

Commercial Reach In Refrigerator Doors

Lastly commercial reach in refrigerator doors are the most beneficial if they open 180 degrees because the big pans and trays able to slide out and in easier. Also you can look for swing doors that come with a 90 – 120 degree stay open option. If your fridge is going to be in a place where space is limited sliding doors may be a good idea, but you will only be able to have one door open at a time.